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DirectX 10 Laptop Delivers Quad Core Performance

December 27, 2007


Xtreme 917v the laptop
XtremeNotebooks has put the future today with its kernel of the four processing Xtreme 917v the laptop. Let’s hope only, what is it the future not a postapocalyptic kind where cars fill with all and people downwards for fodder (the Terminator and Matrix films see) hunt on us. This laptop could have a juice that it is good to promote to free thought which as we know from Hollywood, means the end for all mankind.

917v it is packed by four central processors, Kernel Intel 2 processors of the Four, making it is the first laptop in the United States which will be extended with this new set of microcircuits. Certainly, XtremeNotebooks does not advertise the laptop as the first generation of cars which will win a civilisation. It sells it as “at first its kind,”, “bleeding edge” desktop replacement – words of the president of the company, not the source – which can rush actually around, not forcing your underside to allocate. Its potential clients – people afflicted with graphic symbols, whether for job or for game.

Graphic symbols, yes is there can be with double SLI nVIDIA 8000 chips, or video maps Quadro put in action by the application of graphic symbols Microsoft, connect with the help of the interface Technology DirectX 10 which increases time and quality of three-dimensional graphic symbols which have weaved chips.

It makes Xtreme 917V something, that the player loaded by cash should have, or the tool which projects, military people, architects, schedulers, or the Engineer, and 3DS MAXIMUM, and display programs as ESRI and ArcGIS could use any with such intensive graphic symbols applications as the Autoboor, About/.

About, also you will save all these big projects to eat so much, how much a memory terabyte, care of a threefold firm body or INTERFACE SATA of 300 hard disks.

However, all this capacity arrives under the price, Xtreme 917v is not ultraportable. Really, it is weighed in muscular 12.5 pounds, thus you will benefit in the presence of the weapon as Arnold Schwarzenegger to own it. Use this capacity of the Kernel of the Four for good, my friends. Or otherwise, once, could knock on your door, searching Сару Conner. If it makes, do not make the answer it. More detailed specifications and last estimation are accessible in


Here Comes the Sun: And Your Laptop’s All Right

December 26, 2007

You ever were on a deserted mountain, travelling on foot all the day long up to you reaches meetings at the summit where you dreamt of achievement, you – the whole life, only to understand, what you do not have any batteries for your chamber to make record of system of technical sight for posterity? Or you were ever lost in Amazon after your plane of a support has made an emergency landing, but fortunately you have were phone on a hand – except again, you do not have any batteries? Do not worry, there is no that is a lot of hunters behind heads have left in those parts.

For these shocking situations nevertheless completely within a range of today’s adventurers – Brunton has developed SolarRolls, just as boring, everyday travel through great on open air. SolarRolls flexible solar power sources of a cell which can be used with the majority of any portable electronic device, from chambers and cellular telephones, to videorecorders and, why yes, laptops are rough nevertheless. They can even load automobile batteries.

In “former days” – only back-travellers several years should drag around and rely on heavy firm batteries of a cell for similar reserve system of capacity. SolarRolls, nevertheless, are so-called “amorphous” solar cells, meaning, that you can curtail literally them without fear before drawing of harm of some strengthened part. They also are water-proof. They are made which of what named Tefzel.

The greatest, SolarRoll 14, make 12 inches on 57 inches, has rolled out, but it is weighed only in 17 ounces. It can turn the maximum 14 watt, thus it is that, you would like to load your laptop when you camp in Rocky mountains (or dangle in music operating throughout all day fest). Is also SolarRoll 9, in 12 inches on 40 inches which turns 9 maximum watt, good for cellular telephones and chambers. The least, SolarRoll 4.5, measures in in 12 inches on 22 inches, weighs only 6.4 ounces, and turns yes, you have assumed it, 4.5 made in the watts for phones of cells, crackberries.

If ever you, happens, are bound in a glacier in Island Greenland with each separate portable device on you, all from which needs to be loaded, be not afraid. You can connect plural panels SolarRoll together with their power consumption. During the letter of this product sells for 479$, however, as final prices and the detailed information concerning this solar check devices

Enjoy Gaming With Rock’s Xtreme X770

December 25, 2007


Some could name new Fate Xtreme 770 desktop replacement for conscious the budget of the player. But that description calls to all kinds , such as: any with cash would receive something more exotic as Alienware. Or, as about: Xtreme 770 not absolutely to a pinch as desktop replacement; it is “cheap” desktop replacement more likely.

But to tell the truth, X770 does not deserve those . The laptop is accepted except other desktop laptops of game of replacement there, and not only because of its lower relative price. (It begins approximately in 2 450$). And not the same as the portable computer of the player.

Indicative example – Xtreme 770 features the player of the digital video disk of high definition and the 17-inch liquid crystal display with additional 1 920 x 1 200 resolution to receive your full value on 1080 pixels. What is it means for unpixelated HD beginners? Basically, it means, that this Fate can reach as high definition as your eyes can feel.

As the game car, Fate delivers the strongest mobile graphic processor, nVidia 8700M the big. And installation Xtreme’s will allow you to modernise to new drivers in the future to process last and hottest games of version DX10.

At or ways if you enjoy Fate for game or for video HD, the laptop, are hardware to capacity it. Besides an aforementioned video map, you have a choice of three Intel 2 processors of the Duet – T7300, T7500, and the main end T7700-plus of the whole 160 Gbytes of a hard disk and 2 Gbytes of operative memory.

In all high-efficiency configuration the Fate arrives approximately in 3 850$.

The unique bottom party to X770, well, in general, it is not so cheap more. It, and is less than extreme value faux the transfer paper block, which “X” decorated as the superhero of the book of comics on all extent of it. If you can prevail over magnificent looking external area, at you could be yourself one of the main replacements of desktop computer HD there.

AlienExchange: Out of This World Recycling

December 24, 2007

People from Alienware should to be really from galaxy Andromeda, or somewhere in other place is far, far. Their new program AlienExchange seems too good to be this Earth. The concept is simple enough: it – basically the program . You send in become outdated, disappointed and differently nothing the standing computer and the electronic devices collecting a dust in your house. Alienware then anyhow transforms them into absolutely new laptop Alienware full of some from fastest, most avaricious playing hardware from here to cloud Oort.

They should have some kind of ultraadvanced the transforming car capable to thawing, preparation of mashed potatoes and to rerealization of an electronic question, correctly? If so, AlienExchange Alienware’s could be the final proof which we require lives “from this world”.

Wait, hold second. I have finished the Area 51 Amazement and to read their Website little bit more close, and I regret, that have informed, that, no, AlienExchange not the proof of a life outside the limits of the Earth. Instead of it it is valid, it – only the terrestrial program .

Alienware actually does not change a part which you send them in spanky the new new laptop. You inform Alienware, what old desktops Alienware and portable computers, chambers, other laptops of the stamp, servers, projectors, sound receivers, mobile phones, and radio, among other points you wish to present. They will estimate, what their value of the subject which is handed over on account of payment of the new. (Now, they run, the special-Alienware subjects which are handed over on account of payment of the new reach, additional 200$ added top of regular quantity). Alienware will give you in advance paid navigable label to present a material.

Then after approximately week after they receive points, they will send a map of gift Alienware or the check which you then can process in the new portable computer of the supercenter of games.

That you can see, Alienware is actually very terrestrial earthen and green actually. But at least them AlienExchange could be one of the best programs of the subject which is handed over on account of payment new on planet.