Here Comes the Sun: And Your Laptop’s All Right

You ever were on a deserted mountain, travelling on foot all the day long up to you reaches meetings at the summit where you dreamt of achievement, you – the whole life, only to understand, what you do not have any batteries for your chamber to make record of system of technical sight for posterity? Or you were ever lost in Amazon after your plane of a support has made an emergency landing, but fortunately you have were phone on a hand – except again, you do not have any batteries? Do not worry, there is no that is a lot of hunters behind heads have left in those parts.

For these shocking situations nevertheless completely within a range of today’s adventurers – Brunton has developed SolarRolls, just as boring, everyday travel through great on open air. SolarRolls flexible solar power sources of a cell which can be used with the majority of any portable electronic device, from chambers and cellular telephones, to videorecorders and, why yes, laptops are rough nevertheless. They can even load automobile batteries.

In “former days” – only back-travellers several years should drag around and rely on heavy firm batteries of a cell for similar reserve system of capacity. SolarRolls, nevertheless, are so-called “amorphous” solar cells, meaning, that you can curtail literally them without fear before drawing of harm of some strengthened part. They also are water-proof. They are made which of what named Tefzel.

The greatest, SolarRoll 14, make 12 inches on 57 inches, has rolled out, but it is weighed only in 17 ounces. It can turn the maximum 14 watt, thus it is that, you would like to load your laptop when you camp in Rocky mountains (or dangle in music operating throughout all day fest). Is also SolarRoll 9, in 12 inches on 40 inches which turns 9 maximum watt, good for cellular telephones and chambers. The least, SolarRoll 4.5, measures in in 12 inches on 22 inches, weighs only 6.4 ounces, and turns yes, you have assumed it, 4.5 made in the watts for phones of cells, crackberries.

If ever you, happens, are bound in a glacier in Island Greenland with each separate portable device on you, all from which needs to be loaded, be not afraid. You can connect plural panels SolarRoll together with their power consumption. During the letter of this product sells for 479$, however, as final prices and the detailed information concerning this solar check devices


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