Dell Latitude E Series Coming in June

_dell-latitude-e-series-laptop.jpgEngadget has published Dell’s business notebook roadmap, revealing the upcoming Latitude E Series models.

In the mainstream laptop segment, there are the 15.4-inch Dell Latitude E6500, the 14.1-inch E6400, as well as its semi-rugged version – the E6400 ATG. These systems are based on the Intel’s next generation Centrino 2 “Montevina” mobile platform.

The “Essential” Latitude lineup includes Centrino 2-based 15.4-inch E5500 and 14.1-inch E5400. Their AMD-powered counterparts are the Latitude E5500a and E5400a.

Dell’s E6500, E6400, E5500, E5400, E5500a and E5400a, are scheduled for release in June this year.

Along with the Latitude XT2 12.1-inch Tablet PC, scheduled for launch in November 2008, Dell will also release the 12.1″ E4200 and 13.3-inch E4300 ultraportables in September this year. The XT2, E4200 and E4300 are based on Intel Centrino 2 technology.


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